Run, Sarah, Run.

Commence eye roll.

I used to say “I am not a runner; I never have been.” Blamed it on being diagnosed with asthma in elementary school and then getting chubby in middle school.  Also, I don’t really know if I’ve ever had the right mindset to run. Even now when I run, I don’t have these mind clearing thoughts or whatever else people say — I’m usually focused on how HARD it is. Like, ugh! I do enjoy the challenge though, the feeling of accomplishment.

I really only started running last year because I made it one of my new years resolutions to be able to successfully run a mile (I dream big!) and once I say I am going to do something, I at least try to do it.  Well, by February, I had obtained that goal. So I slowly started working on going further and reducing my times. And then wedding stress kind of took is toll and running fell by the wayside. Now I am back up and into an exercise routine again which is fantastic. So this years new years resolution was to “be adventurous (in all areas of my life).”

With that said, I decided yesterday was a great time to sign up for my first half marathon. Coincidentally it was also National Running Day.

I should also mention that I’ve never done a race before. Like, ever. I have signed up for one on the Fourth of July that is local, but yeahhhh…

Crazy? A little.

But I am enjoying looking at the summer as a season to really train for something and obtain a non-weight based goal. Also, I really want to put that sticker on the back of my car. And I want a medal.  Its the little things that drive us (mainly me), am I right? Am I right!

Hopefully, by training for this, I will retrain my brain (running is fun!) and I will be successful all around (adventure!)!

Any tips for a first time racer with big time goals? Which races have you done? Any recommendations for mantras to chant in my head while I train? Let me know! 


7 thoughts on “Run, Sarah, Run.

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