Adventure Run!

On the first Thursday of every month, Road Runner Sports hosts an adventure run. The general gist is run around to as many stops as you can within an hour and collect raffle tickets. You can earn more raffle tickets by wearing one of their shirts or doing a little task. These raffle tickets are then put into a giant bucket and if they pull the other half of your ticket you can win some amazing prizes such as shoes, water belts, $500 gift certificate, a garmin watch, etc. Not too shabby for an hour worth of running. Did I mention that this is also a FREE event. Yes! That is correct. Awesome.

My friend Kristen (the pretty girl in the neon green shirt!) invited me to join her, and since I love to win and she loves raffles, we knew we had found something special.

We arrived at the store shortly before the running was scheduled to begin. Next time I think we will aim to be there at least a half hour early so we can learn more about different products they feature and maybe be able to test some out.

At 6:30pm the organizer announces that the map has been unveiled so the crowd swarms around to write down the names of the shops to visit and to get a general idea of the course. And then we were off!

A bunch of people had the same idea we did and decided to just get a snapshot to reference.

Kristen and I are kind of slow. And directionally challenged.  Also, we definitely were far from being as in shape as the majority of the people there. Slightly intimidating. So we found a group of people and slowly trekked behind them trying not to be too creepy. Luckily, everyone we talked to was super nice.

I can honestly say that this was a fun event. Despite battling an oncoming cold, warm temperatures, and achy muscles from previous nights workout – I had a fabulous time.

We opted for the fun options some of the stops had to offer. Cornhole or push-ups? Uhh no brainer!

Basketball or even more push-ups? Easy choice! Also, if you made a basket you got double the amount of tickets.

Seriously, check out my form.

I was pretty pleased that I managed to hit the basket rather than airball it like a bunch of other people there.

Once we returned to the store we laid out our tickets and anxiously hoped that we would win something. Unfortunately, none of these were winners.

But we were rewarded with a pretty good workout! (AHHHHH cheesy!) The path we followed took us on a bunch of hills and through neighborhoods and streets. Kristen and I both forgot to turn on Map My Run (app on the iPhone) so I have don’t have an exact basis for how far we actually ran besides using google maps to pinpoint specific places we passed. Based on google maps, I am guessing around 3.5 miles with all the stopping and waiting.

I would totally do this event again. Maybe not in July and August because the humidity in DC is just too CRAZY and I really don’t want to experience heatstroke. But in the Fall, you’ll definitely see me there.

Have you gone to a fun exercising event rather than hit the treadmill or trail? If so, do you have a favorite? Let’s discuss!


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