Weekend?! Oh right.

This past weekend. Holy moly. Whirlwind. Does not even begin to describe it.

Let’s begin with Friday evening.

Lindsay, one of my closest friends, met me at work so we could head into DC for Truckeroo.

Lindsay really does not enjoy having her picture taken. Or having a friend that will go to great lengths to pretend to send a text msg and actually snap a photo instead.

There are so many things I love in life, but one of my top favorites is a food truck. Supporting small and local restaurants all while enjoying tasty and delicious eats. Sign me up. Everytime. So, essentially, Truckeroo is a monthly event held at the Fairgrounds outside the baseball stadium that features 20+ trucks.


In preparation for the evenings festivities, I enjoyed one of my favorites, District Taco, for lunch.

If I could eat tacos everyday, I would be the happiest person ever.

Once she arrived we were on our way. Unfortunately, we were just a little too hungry to get too many photos of everything we sampled but I did manage to snag a few.

Cap Mac. They have a gift for taking already amazing macaroni and cheese and making it out of this world delicious.

Feelin’ Crabby. Lobster and crab roll sliders.

We also sampled some icecream and Korean BBQ tacos. The food did not disappoint, and I honestly had zero doubts at all. I’ve been asked by multiple people “do you trust it? the meat and stuff?” uh yes. Hands down. I would choose a food truck over a chain restaurant anytime.

Saturday, I went to Pittsburgh to see Girl Talk perform a hometown show with Jennifer, Denean, and Christopher. This show was ridiculous! I had such a blast just dancing and grooving to all the music. Under the advice of Jennifer, I wore workout clothes to the show. Best decision of my life. This was an outdoor show, it was about 100 degrees with humidity and I didn’t really care if they were ruined.

Downside – beer spilled all over Chris and I, being shoved all over the place, and my toes smashed so many times I thought they were broken.

Upsides – he played music from Feed the Animals, All Day, and a bunch of new stuff.

We did a quick driving tour of the city (aka we got lost). Clearly, Chris is a baller in my aviators. 

We moved around a lot during the show. 

Needless to say, right now I am feeling pretty exhausted. But I am PUMPED.

Did you have an exciting weekend? What did you do? Does your town/city have food trucks and have you taken advantage of them? Whats your favorite? 


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