Sweat!? Nope! I glisten!

Yesterday, I officially began training for my first marathon.

(You can read a little bit around my running history here and sort of here)

I’ve been a little nervous about beginning this process for a bunch of reasons, but mainly because it is such a time commitment. Giving up time with friends and my husband for training? Are these sacrifices I am willing to make? What about the days that I really just don’t feel like exercising – will those days determine if I make it past the finish line? Pile on thoughts of inadequacy and you can understand why a girl might get a little scared.

To celebrate kicking off this new routine in my life, I treated myself to some snazzy new workout gear.

I like bright colors… a lot.

 I also took the obligatory before photos so I can (hopefully) reflect on how my body has changed as I continue this process.

The body of a newbie distance runner. (Also, no sucking in!)

Once these were taken, I was off to the gym. I wanted to run outside last night, but the humidity said “Girl, you crazy.” Since jogging outside has become my preferred method of running, I was slightly bummed to get on a treadmill. Am I the only person who thinks that the treadmill propels you forward? I find outside I am able to move a little faster and go a little further; on the treadmill, I am seriously watching the distance gauge like a hawk praying that I can make it as far as I’ve planned.

For my first day of training, I did a three mile run on the treadmill. My new shirt, which I was told shouldn’t ride up while jogging, ran up so much I was readjusting every minute or so. Ugh! So annoying. (If you have any tips for how to prevent this with compression tops, please please send them my way!) And I did take three or four one minute breaks to grab water, pull my shirt down as far as possible and wipe the sweat off my face. And my iPod decided that it didn’t want to play a song and then nothing else so I took a moment to fix it. But still, I’d say it was a pretty successful first day.

I ended up going just a little further than I was supposed to, but I also cooled down. My pace was solid 12 minute per mile. While I might be slow,  I figure I can only go up from there. Total time spent on treadmill: 39 minutes.

This sums up how I felt afterward: 

Energized and ready to tackle this race!

Any brand/style recommendations for compression tops that don’t ride up while you run? Or even just running tops with good wick — better yet, whats your favorite and why? Any tips for making running on the treadmill more interesting? What do you do to stay motivated and pumped up during a workout? Let’s discuss! 


7 thoughts on “Sweat!? Nope! I glisten!

    • Sheena – coincidentally the top I am wearing in the photo is from Old Navy! :(. Maybe its better for something a little less impact? Like a weight lifting day or a an elliptical? Or maybe I bought the wrong size. Eek!

      And I will totally check out the podcasts! Thanks!!

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