Weighted Down

I am a girl on the go. I’ve sort of discussed my social life in previous entries (here and here and here), but it’s not until you’re looking at a calendar trying to figure out how to fit everything in when you realize “Ohhhh, I am busy.”

With that being said, this past week was slightly ridiculous.

The first week of marathon training is officially complete! Hooray! Six days of running, cross-training, and weightlifting. I ran a total of 14.68 miles. It didn’t matter that I really didn’t want to some days or that I was exhausted others because I just have to do it. The hardest thing about working out is making it a habit. Let me repeat, the hardest thing about exercising is making it a habit. It takes time to develop and to find the time. My body is used to three or four workouts a week; not six. My friends are used to seeing me during the evenings on weekdays, not me asking if we can find a different day.

Chris has been patient with me by allowing me to go for a run Thursday evening after we got home before heading to Pennsylvania. And again on Saturday morning by letting me get one in before heading to Virginia Beach. He understands that I am making time where I can and while its not always convenient, its the only time I’ve got.

Besides getting myself used to running multiple days in the week, I feel like my exercise lacked elsewhere. I only say that because I am used to high-intensity cardio sessions and on Tuesday of last week I did a pretty tame interval walk. Pretty sure this feeling is normal when adjusting to a new regime and routine. Balance will come as this becomes habit.

On Sunday, I had the bright idea to weigh myself. Since Chris and I moved in together, shortly before the wedding, I hadn’t gotten around to buying a scale. This resulted in a lack of monitoring my weight and thus relaxing on my eating habits. Think more, “Yes I would love that set of triple tacos!” and less “I should eat a fruit or a vegetable.” The number shock when I stepped off sent me into a spiral of tears and negative thoughts, but at least I know. And I know I can change.

This got me thinking about how people had mentioned “the newlywed nine” to me and I laughed. The same way I laughed when people warned me of “the freshman fifteen”. I never got hit by “the freshman fifteen”, but damnit if the “newlywed nine” didn’t creep up on me like an evil curse.

The only thing I can do is continue to work toward reversing this unwanted gain. I had a fabulous time sampling every delightful food that came in front of me and now I have to politely decline. Thankfully, I am teaching myself how to be more productive in the kitchen and rely less on eating out. I am already training and in addition to cooking my own food I am keeping a food journal.

In regards to my busy social life and how make time for everything, I am swapping out dinner and drinks for manicures, shopping, or working out together.

Balance and I are going to become BFFs whether we like it or not.

How did you balance your first week of marathon training with your social life? Did you gain the newlywed nine or the freshman fifteen? What helped you lose it? Any suggestions for alternative friend dates that don’t involve food and booze? Let’s discuss!


7 thoughts on “Weighted Down

  1. I am in week 4 of marathon training and it’s still hard to ‘find time’ and balance! but it WILL get easier, it has to, right?! 🙂 I have found it difficult to adjustment my social life with my training as well; less going out, more walking about! I suggest to some friends that we take hike, walk or bike somewhere, try to make things more active. I enjoy reading your blog, best of luck in the continued training! 🙂

    • It really does have to! Whether I like it or not, I think this will be good for me though. I am SO much of a YES person all the time that I now sometimes will have to say no. I am going to steal your suggestions for alternatives with friends 🙂

      Please always feel free to comment and keep reading! Feedback is always welcome!

      Which marathon are you training for??

      • well keep it up, you’re doing great! I am training for a marathon in September in Germany, and am registered for a few others throughout the fall/winter. How about you?

        ps. I giggle at fartleks too, I can’t help it!

      • I have a couple of 5k’s coming up over the next few months but I am also doing the VA beach rock n roll half and the richmond marathon. but i really want to do the disney princess half marathon next year hehe

  2. My friends and I like to run together or meet at the health club for a cycle class. When we do get together to drink wine, we encourage each other to eat healthy at dinner or snack on fruits and veggies during the party. It helps when your friends have the same healthy goals as you =)

    • Totally agree about healthy goals! And really, anything that keeps you accountable is good. I have a couple of girlfriends I have fitness dates with, but our work schedules don’t always add up which is a bummer. 🙂

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