Weekend Craziness.

Friday night the Washington DC area was slammed with what meteorologists referred to as a “derecho”. To sum it up, a derecho is a crazy bad thunderstorm but with wind that isn’t a tornado or hurricane. Pretty much, the best thing ever… said no one ever. When the storm hit, I was in the middle of enjoying Magic Mike. And then the power went out. Sitting in a pitchblack theater wondering what would happen to my (second) love Channing Tatum without any knowledge that the sky was falling was kind of like being in hell. Then Jennifer and I decided that maybe we should drive home. After getting completely soaked on the way to the car, we slowly made it through pitchblack streets. Not our wisest decision. Yay Friday night!

Saturday morning, I woke up with the power still on. I am one of the lucky people. Phone, internet, lights, AC — all still working. I trekked over to the gym (thankfully had power too) to get in my long run for the week.

The pauses? Bathroom breaks. My stomach and I are frenemies. No shame in admitting that. I tried to walk to make myself feel better and as soon as I started running again, I literally had to run straight to the bathroom. Not my finest moment, but oh well. I still managed to get done what I needed to despite my body working against me. 6.03 miles in 78minutes with 823 calories burned.

Following the run, Chris and I met up with some friends for a barbecue and fireworks.

Chris loves to photobomb. And I might’ve had a few drinks by this point.


Sunday, I spent the day running around. Worked in another three miles followed by helping Jennifer move and then seeing another girlfriend and then going back to the theater to see what happened to Magic Mike. Not exactly the lazy day I had dreamed up in my head all week. C’est la vie. There is always next weekend, right?

I kind of feel like this weekend nothing went according to plan. Beginning with Magic Mike power outage followed by the no fun run and then Sunday’s lack of laziness. I was all over the place. Its not a bad thing, but I definitely don’t know how I continue to keep up with everything.

Here’s to looking forward to attempting to scale back my social life. Ha!

Anyone else experience the derecho? Hows the damage in your area? Any tips for how to make it through a long run without having to stop for a bathroom break (or multiple)? Did you hit the movies this weekend for Magic Mike!? What did you think? Let’s discuss!


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