Stellar Long Run

Saturdays are my long run days. It makes the most sense because I work a pretty standard Monday through Friday schedule.

When I woke up on Saturday, the last thing I wanted to do was go and run the seven miles I had planned to tackle this week. I dug my heels into my carpet and just really did not want to go outside. It was hot out. I couldn’t run outside without a very good chance of dying from heatstroke. I didn’t want to drive my car because it would be hot and wouldn’t cool down any in the time it takes to get from my house to the gym. I was being a baby. I just wanted to be lazy.

Chris wasn’t having any of that. He pretty much made me leave the house.

Once I got into the car I tweeted:

Once I got to the gym, I was an entirely different person. I got on the treadmill I prefer, stretched, put my headphones in and started running. Rather than walking the first five minutes, like I usually do, I just took off. I started with (what has been) my usual 5.1mph pace and just got into the groove of the run. Focused on my breathing and my stride, I was shocked at how I wasn’t in my head trying to talk myself into walking or making it a game. Seriously. This was like “natural” for me. For the second mile, I decided I would kick it up to 5.4mph and see how I could handle it. Worried that it would be too much and I wouldn’t be able to complete the seven miles, I slowed down for mile three.

Around 35minutes into the run, I stopped to walk. Not because I was tired, but because I was trying to unscrew the lid off my water bottle so I could put a nuun tablet in. Not being the most coordinated person in the world it was probably much safer for me and everyone around me if I just slowed my roll and focused on not spilling water. The package on the label says it takes two minutes for the tablet to dissolve… it definitely took closer to four minutes for me. And that was with my shaking the water bottle to try and hurry things along.  I am really happy that I decided to test this product out because I definitely felt like it gave me a boost of energy that I sometimes loose around 40 minutes in.

Once I got the water situation situated, I took back to running. Much to my shock and amazement, I finished five miles in under an hour. The first time I’ve ever managed to accomplish that. Better yet, I still felt like I could run with no problem – no pain, no discomfort, no bathroom breaks.

Last week it took me 78 minutes to go six miles. This week is took about 72minutes.

Needless to say I was feeling pretty amazing at this moment. I didn’t realize when I was setting my distance I had chose 10K so the machine stopped here. I walked for a minute while I tried to figure out which button to push next. After making my selection, I kept running that last .80 of a mile. My final time was 83:30 with over 1000 calories burned. Unfortunately, the machine shut off abruptly but I am not sure if it was user error or if it was trying to save me from myself so I was unable to get a shot of the final details.

This was the first time during a long run where I’ve really felt that I can run for distance and not feel like I am going to die. I am interested to see how my numbers will improve as the weeks continue. Hopefully this isn’t some sort of fluke because I am really starting to believe that maybe I can run this marathon. Ridiculous.



2 thoughts on “Stellar Long Run

  1. You are doing so great!! I think the machine abruptly turned off because it over heated. That happens pretty often with treadmills.

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