Tackling Eight Miles

To be perfectly honest, when I set out to do eight miles today the only thing I had going through my head before running was this song.

Because I am incredibly cheesy and love puns. [Get it, Eight Mile? Ha!]

Before I can go into detail about today, I need to discuss the fail that was last weeks long run.

Last week before going to Atlantic City I “ran” 6.25miles. Seriously, below are my splits. Including my thought process during the run.

As you can see, I was having zero fun doing that run. And clearly, I was experiencing some major difficulties. It is a little embarrassing to share, but whatever, I’m slow and I accept that. I can only improve.

Issues that I think plagued that “run,” I hadn’t really ran outside in a month due to extreme heat conditions and terrible air quality days. Not the best excuses, but I really didn’t want to die. Last Friday’s weather conditions were semi-favorable. Humid but temperatures below 90 degrees. I took what I could get. And it was a gradual down hill from there.

I left for Atlantic City feeling less than confident about my run, but blamed it on weather and lack of training outside. I told my friends and Chris that I needed to move back to outside at least for long runs because clearly I wasn’t getting exactly what I needed from the treadmill.

So that is what I did this weekend. I took my run outside despite the dreary weather.

While it may look like sunlight is shining on those leaves, don’t be fooled. I blame flash and instagram. The way I described the weather to Chris when I returned was “it was like being in those misty things amusement parks use to make people think they are cooling down but like times ten.” Yeah.

This marked my first time running in the rain. And I am actually really happy I did. I expected to be bothered by it more than I was but it was nice. Weird, I know.

Also, it is important to note that the temperature today was ridiculously cool from the last few weeks. The high was maybe 75 degrees. Crazy for July. While I wish this weather would stick around forever, the weatherman said the temperatures will return to the 90s by Monday. Boo.

Without further adieu, here are my splits.

And because I had a phone fail while taking a quick water break, I had to log mile eight separately. This resulted in me running a little further than the eight I had only intended to complete.


I am pretty proud of the fact that I managed to run six miles before I stopped to walk today. I didn’t even stop to walk up the insane hill that I’ve been terrified to run up because its legit the worst incline I’ve experienced.

The reason I stopped to walk is because I had a pretty bad pain creep up in my right butt cheek that said “continue if you dare, but beware girl, beware.”

My final mile was spent switching off between running and walking due to the pain that was now accompanied with cramping legs and an overall feeling of tiredness.

But I completed it. And I am pretty happy about that. Also, the fact that my times were mostly within a minute of each other make me happy that I am capable of pacing myself. Yay!

When I came home, I kind of resembled a drowned rat.

Those photos were taken maybe two minutes after I walked in the door. No shame.

I am sure the weather next weekend will be closer to 100 degrees with humidity to match, but I do want to continue running outside. Let me just note that waking up at 4am to do a long run is not an option. For a race, yes, but for training, you are crazy. Especially if you know me, but I will attempt running outside after I wake up next week. Worse case scenario, I try and then am forced to move myself indoors to the treadmill for my own personal safety.

What I am continuing to see is that some weeks are rougher than others during this process but I just have to keep pushing myself. If its hot, its hot. I’ll bring more water, move a little slower. If its cold and rainy, I’m going to be soaked in sweat anyway. If I walk, I walk. At least I am out there moving. I am doing something and regardless of my pace, I am still passing everyone on the couch. Yayyyy motivation.

How do weather conditions affect you while running? What do you do to better prepare yourself for them? When you have a tough training week, how do you handle it? Any tips or tricks? Lets discuss!


2 thoughts on “Tackling Eight Miles

  1. I feel like long runs require a recipe…just the right conditions and preparation. I have to get up super early before it gets blazin hot. I do a looped route so I can keep water cold in my car with a lunchbox and ice pack. I will also switch out sweat bands and chew some sport beans if necessary. It has helped a lot for me to take breaks at my car! I don’t know how you do long runs on the treadmill! I get bored after 2 miles haha Way to go running in the rain!! Pretty sure I would have declared that a sign to stay home and do nothing ; )

    • You are definitely right about it all being a recipe. And I am slowly learning what works for me, thank goodness!!

      I am fortunate that the loop I do outside is close to my house so if I need to run home to go to the bathroom, I can.

      The treadmill definitely isnt my first choice for long runs. They do get SO BORING. Ha. I don’t think I’ll be able to stay on there for longer than six miles, definitely.

      After my run, I did absolutely nothing! 🙂 hehehe! It actually wasn’t so bad. And I would definitely do it again!

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