The FAT Insult

Last night was girls night. Jennifer, Kristen and I headed to a local bar to grab dinner and some drinks. Pretty common occurrence for girls night.

While hanging out, the girls flirted with some guys. Some were winners and others were just not their type at all. I acted as wing woman or ‘the bitchy friend’ depending on the situation. One of the guys (I refrain from using the word ‘man’ because besides one, they were all far from  that) in a group that was flirting with Jennifer didn’t think too fondly of me. And I am not sure how it started, but he hurled a fat insult at me.

Something along the lines of, “you are such a fat bitch! You need to lose weight! Seriously, look at your stomach! It’s disgusting you fat fat…”

You get the picture.

Can we discuss how stupid it is to call someone fat? Oh no, you called me fat. You called me fat because you thought it would be the quickest way to cut a woman down. You assume I suffer from some sort of low self esteem. You also were not intelligent enough to think of something that may actually cut me deep to get your point across. You thought I would just sink back in my chair and cry.


I should’ve taken the high road and should not have responded. However, I had liquid courage and a typically confrontational attitude working against me.

Naturally, I tweeted about it.

Unfortunately for him, I am a lot stronger than a three letter word.

You are stronger than a three letter word. It’s just a word. And frankly, there are much worse things to be called.

I know I have moments when I feel fat, but do I believe that I am actually fat? No.

And at the end of the day, he knew nothing about my life. His words hold no meaning for me because I have no respect for him. I don’t even know him, and I am glad for that.

When someone random is trying to be mean to you, just do what you need to do. If that means you put him in his place like I did, then go for it. If you would rather just ignore them, by all means. But  don’t even waste your time and energy thinking about it again. Its an empty insult and you’re worth more than that, seriously.

Has anyone ever tried to put you in your place at a bar? How did you deal with it? How do you respond when someone insults you? What is your stance on using fat as an insult? Let’s discuss!


5 thoughts on “The FAT Insult

  1. It’s their own insecurities. You strut what our momma gave you, sister! And like you said, it is sad that they have to refer to name-calling and immaturity to make themselves feel better. Keep doing your thang sexy lady!

  2. I was overweight my entire life until last year. Whenever anyone decided to insult me it was always “your a fat bitch”… I would always ask them “Is that the most intelligent thing you can come up with? I mean really, you don’t think I know I’m fat? Do you think your shocking me with your description?” I will admit it did do damage to my self esteem, but I never let them see that.

    • I actually did end up making him look visibly upset during my response to him (and he left shortly after). He totally didn’t expect it, but honestly, I probably shouldn’t have dignified him with a response. But the things I said were not nice and we definitely as low as calling someone else fat.

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