The Girl with the Fruit Issue


So, I really am not a fruit person. My husband can attest to this. For the majority of my life the only fruits I would eat were granny smith apples, watermelon without seeds, oranges, cantaloupe and green grapes. Nowadays I swap the granny smith for honeycrisp because they’ve become too tart for me. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this before but just to reiterate — I’d rather eat a vegetable than a fruit.

Right now I am questioning if I can still use the identifier “fruit hater”.

Why? Because as part of my breakfast this morning, I willingly enjoyed a white nectarine (as pictured above). When I put some in the cart at the grocery store, my husband gave me a puzzled look and I just turned to him and said “I like white nectarines now.” His shock and awe followed with this response “so, I’ve converted you!”

I’m pretty sure that while my fruit choices may be limited, I definitely no longer reserve the right to turn my nose up at them.

What is your favorite fruit? Why? If you had to choose between fruits and veggies which would you choose? Let’s discuss!


One thought on “The Girl with the Fruit Issue

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