The Run That Didn’t Happen

I was scheduled to go for a run this morning before work. This would’ve been my first pre-work exercise ever and honestly there was already an eighty percent chance that it wasn’t going to happen based on scientific evidence that I can sleep through anything.

Welp, I didn’t manage to make it out. I have a phobia of running in the dark, especially if I am alone. And the nightmare I had last night definitely involved an unpleasant scenario regarding those two fears. Jennifer was going to join me this morning but it just didn’t up working out for her either. Morning fail.

I woke up thinking that I’d make it through the day of work and then just run when I got home.  Yeah, no. I’ve been so exhausted today and the heat this evening was just the worst. Honestly, my face literally melted off a little as I walking up the stairs. I came inside, put on my workout clothes, and snuggled on the couch waiting for Chris to get home.

Still way too hot a little later. Then hunger set in. I began to contemplate what I wanted to do – go for a run or make a heathy meal? I made a healthy meal. Chris was hungry. By the time dinner was over, it was dark outside.

My inner thigh/hamstring hurt pretty bad today which I blame on pump class from Tuesday night. I think I went too hard during the squat track and I just needed a little extra recovery time. Also, the arch on my left foot had some acute shooting pain randomly when I walked. Weird.

I just couldn’t win today. And the scheduled run didn’t happen. I feel really guilt about this and now I am worried that I am beating myself up over feeling guilty. It was scheduled, it was supposed to happen, and it didn’t. Does this mean that when I run again I will lose what I’ve worked for? Probably not even in the slightest, but still, I just can’t shake this feeling. I don’t like it.

Maybe all of these factors are just my body’s way of telling me that I needed to take a break tonight. Maybe.

I won’t be exercising tomorrow because I am doing my long run Saturday. This has also fed into my guilt, but like, I don’t want to risk exerting myself tomorrow and then not being able to complete eleven miles on Saturday. I think I would feel way worse about that.


What do you do when your exercise plans don’t go according to plan? How do you make up for a lost workout? Any tips for how to shake this guilty feeling? Will my next run be a total fail because by Saturday I won’t have worked out since Wednesday? Am I overreacting? Let’s discuss!


8 thoughts on “The Run That Didn’t Happen

  1. Shake it off, don’t beat yourself up – it’s addictive. Just keep swimming and all that jazz, you are awesome.

  2. Girl, I can’t tell you how many scheduled runs I have skipped…happens all the time and I’ve yet to meet a perfect person. I think you feeling guilty is just because you have raised the bar for yourself and you have higher expectations now (which is a good thing). That feeling alone means that you won’t slip into any bad habit of skipping runs or not going as hard on the next run…you won’t let yourself. In my opinion and experience, missing a run doesn’t mean that you lose any progress and more important than anything else, you have to listen to your body. When it’s telling you to rest, you rest and you’ll probably find that the next run is great…you feel energized and renewed and you’re out for redemption from the skipped run. Let it go and go for the gold (slight Olympics reference?) on Saturday.

    • Truth! I feel a lot better today. More awake and alert thus leading me to believe that an extra rest day was all I needed. Totally pumped for tomorrow’s run 🙂

      PS – Love the Olympic reference!!

  3. You’ll be all right! When I feel guilty about missing a workout I’ll usually put on a yoga DVD or do the P90X stretch routine (which is awesome, btw). Then my body and mind can feel like I accomplished something without getting burnt out before a more intense workout session.

    Also, I’ve been meaning to tell you for a few days that you inspired me to run! I am NOT a runner. At all. I’ve tried so many times to get into it, but it never stuck. After reading your long run post, Hubs dragged me to the gym with him (or politely asked if I’d like to run together). I did over 30 minutes on the treadmill with only 2 tiny water breaks, which is a record for me over the past couple of years. 🙂

    • That’s what I usually do too! Except switch out yoga for Just Dance (the wii game). Last night was just a major fail! But its okay, I def needed a little extra rest time.

      I am proof that anyone can run! Seriously! That’s fabulous you did thirty minutes with your husband! You are fantastic, girl! Honestly, just like anything else, you have to work at it. And I am figuring out more and more that while running is a physical activity, it is also a mental game too. We are our biggest blocks! You can do it – put your mind to it :)!!

    • I’ve been trying to do that too. It’s just hard because I have a pretty intense training schedule so skipping one run throws everything off. I decided to just scrap it yesterday and today in hopes that tomorrow’s long run will be amazing. 🙂

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