Breaking News: I Overpronate

Yesterday, Kristen and I went for an eleven mile run.[WOOO ELEVEN MILES!!] After more whining than I would like to admit, I proudly declared that I was finally going to go and get my running technique analyzed.

I’ve been experiencing a couple of random aches in my left foot for a few weeks now. Sometimes its the top of my ankle, others its the arch in my foot, and sometimes its just me wishing I was sleeping instead of running. I’ve just been pushing through these random pains. Not the smartest idea, I know. But I kept telling myself that it would be fine if I did x, y, and z. Yeah, no.

With my races coming up in a few weeks, I began to worry that the pain might lead to injury. And if I were to get injured, I wouldn’t be able to compete. And that would be a terrible thing.

So, I went to Pacers Running Store where I was welcomed by very knowledgable sales associates. The woman helping me asked me a few questions about my current exercise habits, the shoes I was wearing, and what I am training for. I brought my current running shoes with me. Unfortunately I was unable to use the treadmill for the analysis because the server was down but I did get to run around the store.

The associate asked me to run from one end of the store to the other so she could observe my technique. Took about one second to figure out that my ankles collapse inward while I run.

After doing some basic research online, it turns out that most people have this same issue. Yayyy!

The good news is that really it just means that I need more support around my ankles for stabilization.

Once it was determined that I overpronate, we began the process of finding shoes that work well for me. This resulted in more running around the store in shoes.


Before deciding on these:

Totally excited to take them out for a run!

Fun fact about the shoes — they are an entire size bigger than what I would normally wear. Apparently, your running shoes should never be your normal size due to how your feet swell when you run and that they are cut more narrow than a typical shoe.

I totally recommend getting your gait analyzed at some point. More specifically by someone who actually knows what they are talking about. Its really beneficial. Go to a specialty store, a doctor, etc because it definitely can’t hurt to get it done. I am sad that it took experiencing pain to drive me in there, but I did it. Hooray!

Do you overpronate? What kind of shoes do you wear? Do you prefer shoes that are plain or colorful? Did you go running over the weekend? Let’s discuss!


3 thoughts on “Breaking News: I Overpronate

  1. First off, asics are bomb for working out. I have a pair and love love love them! secondly, 11 miles?!? Holy shit, you go girl! aaaand lastly, if in the future you need your gait analyzed further (hopefully not because you said the person was able to find el problemo), I know people. word. xoxoxo

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