Pretty Little Liars STRESSES Me Out

**SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD. IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE SHOW DO NOT READ AHEAD!!** Also, if you are interested in watching the show at some point, I’d advise you not to read it until you’re all caught up on Netflix. 

Okay, guys. Here and now, I am shamefully admitting to my OBSESSION with ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. What is Pretty Little Liars (PLL)? It is without a doubt the MOST STRESSFUL show on television. Seriously. So many twists and turns and cliffhangers and anxiety and stress. Am I right or am I right?

For a longtime now, I have been under the impression that Spencer Hasting, one of the main four girls, is on the A Squad. After revisiting old episodes on Netflix, it reinforces my belief.

Spencer is obsessed with finding out who “A” is and is ALWAYS the first person to point the finger at someone else — Ian, Garret, Paige, etc. She was also in the car in February’s finale when Mona went all CRAZY and tried to “kill” her. Anytime the other girls mention her sister’s, Melissa, possible involvement in the death of Alison, she flips out and pushes them toward a different lead.

Spencer spends so much time reviewing tapes, digging up new clues, recreating A’s lair that it comes off as trying to hide something herself. The weapon used to kill Alison? A blunt force trauma to the head. Remember when the field hockey stick was found in the shared backyard space of the Hastings and the DiLaurentis? Spencer is the only girl to play field hockey. And besides the one episode that was revealed into it has yet to be mentioned again.

Alison knew some ridiculous Hasting’s family secrets such as the fact that Jason DiLaurentis is actually Spencer’s half brother (and Alison’s half brother). Plot twist, woah!

On the summer finale now known as the “betrAyal”, the audience gets a glimpse at another character involved in the A Squad. Who? Spencer’s boyfriend Toby. The same boy that in the first couple of episodes of the series the core four spent their time avoiding because they knew that he was involved in the murder of their friend. Yeah… no. This is a classic Wicked Attraction: Couples Who Kill (investigation discovery TV show) scenario. Two people brought together usually one with a rough upbringing (Toby) and the other a crazy person (Spencer) plot and commit crimes that are so heinous yet they strongly believe they will get away with it. They are delusional.

For example, Toby returns in the last episode after spending some time in Buck’s county working. He conveniently returns the night they are supposed to meet “A” at the graveyard which Spencer has lead the girls to. However, not all of the girls are present for this dramatic A reveal. Emily is out with Nate in some random lodge getting away for the weekend. Mona gets a call from “A” letting her know that there has been a change of plans. Spencer and Toby finally decided to have sex and celebrate their relationship as well as finalize their plans off camera (couples on Wicked Attraction are depicted making love to each other shortly before venturing out to commit their crimes). So anyway, the girls realize that A isn’t coming to the graveyard and head out to find Emily. They follow Spencer’s lead and wind up in the wrong place. Caleb, Hanna’s boyfriend, ends up where Emily is — fighting off her ‘friend’ who is actually a deranged stalker trying to kill her. Emily kills Nate, Caleb is shot and everyone cries. Shortly after this scene unfolds, Emily receives a call from “A” telling her “Thanks, I owe you one.”

Mona is able to sneak in and out of the insane asylum she was committed to earlier in the season. Crazy, right? BUT does anyone else remember how angry Spencer was when she found out that Hanna had been visiting Mona without their knowledge? And isn’t it funny that when Mona was supposed to be moved to a different psychiatric hospital, Spencer is the one who suggested Hanna appeal to the board asking them to let Mona remain where her friends can visit her to help aid in the recovery. AND Ren, Spencer’s former love interest, is doing his clinical rounds at the very same hospital and floor that Mona is staying at.

Can we also just talk about how Spencer’s mom, the lawyer, is apparently the most magnificent attorney that ever existed. She manages to prove their innocence at every plot twist and turn. I imagine this plays back into the entire Hasting’s family has some involvement in the murder.

OH and the whole Paige thing? Yes Paige is slightly cray cray over Emily and slightly violent toward others. But isnt it funny how Spencer is the one to confront her in the empty hallway at school. “I know who you are,” Spencer says. Well, I think Paige knows who you are too!

At the end of the episode leading up to the finale, Jenna stops by Emily’s place to warn her to be careful who she hangs out with. The audience assumes its Paige. Following the finale, you believe it is Nate (because of his brief interest/stalking of her earlier in the season). I firmly believe that she was warning her of Spencer.

Attacks from “A” do happen to Spencer but not as much as the other girls. And when they do it is not as serious. She’s playing the part of a fake friend and a sociopath. She is present in every situation when it comes to “A” gauging everyone’s reactions. She is the first to think of a plan to lead the pack. She is also a computer whiz and has resources at her disposal.

Spencer is totally the main A.

I am kind of embarrassed at how much time I have spent thinking about this show. But, I really hope I am not alone. What do you think about PLL? Do you agree that Spencer is involved or do you think it could be one of the other girls? Could it be someone else in Rosewood? Let’s discuss!! 


2 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars STRESSES Me Out

  1. Wow. I NEVER thought of Spencer that way. Now I feel like I should do rewatch everything. Toby was a shock, I think my jaw was on the floor. It would not surprise me if the main A is someone we would never think it would be like Hanna’s mom or Aria’s dad.

    • Yeahhh. I totally recommend going on Netflix and starting from the beginning. Its ridiculous!

      That would be crazy if Hanna’s mom is the main A, but I don’t know, it seems as far fetched as Spencer being truly involved.

      Funny side note: I totally called Mona being A back in February.

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