Long Run Mistakes

On Saturday I completed my longest run to date.

To be honest, I don’t feel as if I had prepared myself properly to complete this task. Factors that  have led me to this conclusion:

  • Sleeping for twelve hours the night before
  • Eating a bowl of plain cereal for breakfast and nothing else.
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Lack of stretching

These seem like pretty rookie mistakes. I worry that if I eat too much I am going to make myself feel sick or too full when I do my long runs. I worry that if I eat too little I am going to starve and crash early when I know if I just had a snack I could go further. When I drink water, I fear that I will over drink thus causing me to weigh myself down. While I don’t always sleep for that long, I do require a lot of sleep. Twelve hours might’ve been a little bit too much. I don’t know if I gave my body enough time to wake up before starting which could’ve burned my energy early on. However, I feel like I am still very much in the learning process about what works well for me.

At 3.5miles I began to crash. My stomach started growling bad. I had to use the bathroom. Sweat was pouring off of me. And I began to talk myself out of pushing forward. I took a couple of minutes to walk trying to see if this would shake me out of the sudden funk I had landed in. No such luck.

Miraculously, my iPod sensed what I was feeling and selected a song so perfect for motivation.

The lyrics coupled with the beat came blasting into my ears literally begging the question “Where’s YOUR head at?” Before I knew it, I am talking myself back into the game. Quite possibly out loud and louder than I’d like to admit considering the volume was turned all the way up on the headphones.

Where was my head at? For a little under a quarter of a mile it was totally done with running for the day. But, I kicked the speed up and just powered through the last mile and a half despite all of my personal factors working against me.

I’ve written before about how music is the lifeblood to my workout. Saturday proved my point to myself for the umpteenth time. I ended up walking out of the gym patting myself on the back for sticking it out despite my uneducated lack of preparation. Will music be there to push me through the next time this happens? I’m not sure, but I do know I am going to at least go in a bit more prepared.

What have you done to better prepare yourself for a long run? Have you had a similar situation with your iPod knowing exactly what you need to hear? Any tips for how to get out of your head and keep yourself motivated during 5+ mile runs? Let’s discuss!


Modest Mouse – 9:30 Club – June 20, 2012

Last night I had the privilege of seeing Modest Mouse perform with one of my best friends.

Jennifer getting amped up for the show!

Honestly, I had some reservations about seeing them live. When I go to a show, its usually to dance  and to really just groove into the music. I wasn’t sure if Modest Mouse would provide me with that same energy.

I should really stop worrying about things because I was so wrong. So wrong.

Their opening band, Talkdemonic, fed into my worry. A viola player, a synthesizer and drums. No lyrics. Nothing. I love instrumental music, but I just was not feeling it. Little interaction with the audience and just an overall blah. The music was pretty and I would listen to it in the comfort of my own home, but it wasn’t really revving me up for the main act which is what an opener should do.

Modest Mouse walked onto stage and went right into ‘Dramamine’. The entire room erupted and my worry about the energy of the show faded away. I began dancing and singing along. Really getting into the music and truly enjoying myself.

Midway through they busted into “Float On,” without a doubt their most popular and radio friendly hit. I’ve heard rumors that they haven’t actually played this song live in years due to the popularity and being sick of it. Definitely a crowd pleaser of a song.

Modest Mouse Modest Mouse Modest Mouse

Paper Thin Walls
Bury Me With It
Fire It Up
Heart of Mine
Float On
Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
Wild Packs of Family Dogs
Custom Concern
Cowboy Dan
Cover of Bob Dylan – You Aint Goin Nowhere
Dance Hall
Gravity Rides Everything

Satin in a Coffin
Fly in a Jar

The faces of two very happy concert goers!

My only complaint about their performance is that they didn’t play “Ocean Breathes Salty.” I just really love the song. Hopefully, since I am seeing them tonight as well, they will change up the setlist and I’ll be able to hear it.

Gimme a Beat: Running Playlist

I cannot exercise without music. Let me repeat that. I really cannot exercise without music.

It is the lifeblood to my workout.

One time, my iPod died while I was running on the treadmill. Watching me try to run after this tragic incident was like watching a car run out of gas. Here I was chugging along, grooving to the tunes, and BOOM it ran out of juice. I tried to putter along for a few moments but it was just not happening. I could not move.

Fortunately, I learned my lesson.

Music motivates how fast or slow I move, how I am able to push myself, and really just provides me with distraction from thinking that whatever I’m doing is the hardest thing ever. I need it. It is my tempo. Whenever I workout with friends, I always have one ear bud in. It is just understood that I am in no way ready to listen to the sound of my own hard breathing.

I take a great deal of pride in my music collection. Twenty gigs of lovely songs that range over a multitude of genres and artists. If its got a beat or a melody, I’m probably in love.

Since this week has kicked off marathon training, I wanted to share the tunes that have been motivating me thus far.

Gimme a Beat: Week One Playlist
1. Cut Your Hair by Pavement
2. Ghosts N Stuff – deadmau5
3. Sunrise – Childish Gambino
4. Fighter – Christina Aguilera
5. Jump (For my Love) – Pointer Sisters
6. Shake Señora (feat. T-Pain) – Pitbull
7. Corona and Lime – Shwayze
8. Hair – Lady Gaga
9. I Believe in a Thing Called Love – The Darkness
10. I’m the Ish (Remix) (feat. Lil Jon) – DJ Class
11. Feed The Animals (entire album) – Girl Talk

Usually, I am a little more eclectic and like to mix in country and more oldies or rock. But I’ve found that rap and dub step provide me with a beat I can match with a pace. And right now, that’s really important to me.

Do you like to workout with music or without? Why? If the former, who is your favorite artist right now? Any particular songs you can recommend to an avid listener? If the later, how did you break the dependency to music? I am literally all ears.