October Goals

I’ve been reading around the internet about the importance and benefits of goal setting. The problem is that I goals all the time, but my goals are more “big picture” and travel based. For example, I have a goal to visit India/China/Africa (aka somewhere BIG) by my thirtieth birthday. Is this the most sensible goal I’ve ever set? No, not really. But, it is something I like to think about. Given where I am at this very moment in my life, I’d say that traveling to somewhere like India is possible. My goal of traveling to India is not a bad one at all, but I do need to work on setting smaller, more achievable goals. Because really the best goals are ones that include a deadline. The goal (or is it a dream?) to travel to either India/China/Africa has a deadline of my thirtieth birthday, five years away. But, I can be more realistic and if I write it down I am held accountable to all of you.

So, without further adieu, I present you with my October Goals:

  • Run, slowly.
    In a little over a week, I should be okay to begin running again. Over the weekend, I started running super small snippets during my walks (from a fire hydrant to a fire hydrant, to the end of street, etc). I felt great as I was doing it, but I am nervous about re-injury. The plan is to start slowly – run for five minutes, walk for ten for the first few days and then start adjusting based on how my knee feels. I have a 5K at the end of the month that I’d really like to complete pain free.
  • Walk/Cross-Train.
    Walking and the elliptical have been good to me these past few weeks. I’ve  managed to keep my mileage up fairly well. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m not at square one and my speed hasn’t slowed at all. Especially if I am able to run again, I need to make cross-training a priority.
  • Cook a new recipe each week (and blog about it)!
    I feel like I’ve been in a funk with food lately. What better way to shake it off than to try new things. I am totally open to suggestions as to what to make!
  • Drink water.
    Pretty self-explanatory. I definitely have not been drinking as much as I should.
  • Put my clothes in my laundry hamper, not on the floor.
    I am the person that will only clean when company comes over. And my bedroom floor is like one big laundry hamper to me… even I though I have a hamper. This is a lifelong habit, but I need to break it. Perhaps this will be the month when I finally get in gear.
  • Read a book.
    Suggestions, please!

And there you have it, my October goals. Mostly fitness related, but overall a good place to start. And they are totally do-able. I just need to be disciplined and focused.

PS — Pretty sure Chris will be super excited to constantly remind me about putting my clothes in the hamper instead of leaving them on the floor!

Do you set goals for yourself? If so, what are they?

Are you dressing up for Halloween? Is it lame if I dress Penny up for Halloween?


Goodbye Fat Pants!

You know the ones I am talking about. The bigger pair that sits in the back of the closet in case you’re feeling a little bloated or just want some extra wiggle room. The pants you keep around in case you go out of town and let vacation get the best of you. Those pants.

Well, yesterday morning as I was getting dressed for work I looked through my closet. I’ve been feeling unhappy with my clothes for various reasons lately, but I think its just because I need to go shopping. (Really, you can only wear the same outfit so many times before it gets old.) I picked through my stuff, glancing over my typical fat pants and went for the pants that once upon a time ago fit. The pants I haven’t been able to wear for six months because of wedding stress followed by newlywed bliss coupled with a lack of regular exercise made me gain a few pounds.

I picked them up and looked at them.

It was going to be close. Like I could put them on, but I couldn’t button them. Then I considered laying on the bed to put them on because that works with just about anything (especially when you ignore the accompanying muffin top). If I sucked in would it make them fit better? Would I have to suck in all day?

No, I would not have to suck in all day. Because when I put them on the button clasped without force and I was able to exhale freely.


This feeling, this blissful feeling, is something I don’t want to lose. My next goal is to fit into the next size down from where I am now. To be completely honest, I’ve never been the next size down from where I am now. And that is slightly intimidating.

Though, for once in my life I feel like I am actually in the right frame of mind to reach that goal. My eating habits are getting a makeover. Training is coming along despite injury. And I finally understand that to change my body it is going to take time and dedication.

Quick Fitness Recap: The last week (and so far this week!) has been spectacular on the exercise front. To keep my mileage up for training I’ve started taking really long walks. My hope is that when I am able to run again it won’t be a huge shock to my system again. Also, if I am able to get faster in my walking then hopefully my running speed will improve as well. For example, on Saturday (my usual long run day) I went for an 8.25 mile walk. It took a little over two hours to complete but no complaints and no blisters. I took the day off on Sunday. Monday I did a quick 3.5 mile workout on the elliptical followed by my favorite pump class. Tuesday I went to yoga. And yoga is becoming a thing for me because it feels great.

Tell me about your workouts last week and this week. Are you shaking things up a bit? 

The FAT Insult

Last night was girls night. Jennifer, Kristen and I headed to a local bar to grab dinner and some drinks. Pretty common occurrence for girls night.

While hanging out, the girls flirted with some guys. Some were winners and others were just not their type at all. I acted as wing woman or ‘the bitchy friend’ depending on the situation. One of the guys (I refrain from using the word ‘man’ because besides one, they were all far from  that) in a group that was flirting with Jennifer didn’t think too fondly of me. And I am not sure how it started, but he hurled a fat insult at me.

Something along the lines of, “you are such a fat bitch! You need to lose weight! Seriously, look at your stomach! It’s disgusting you fat fat…”

You get the picture.

Can we discuss how stupid it is to call someone fat? Oh no, you called me fat. You called me fat because you thought it would be the quickest way to cut a woman down. You assume I suffer from some sort of low self esteem. You also were not intelligent enough to think of something that may actually cut me deep to get your point across. You thought I would just sink back in my chair and cry.


I should’ve taken the high road and should not have responded. However, I had liquid courage and a typically confrontational attitude working against me.

Naturally, I tweeted about it.

Unfortunately for him, I am a lot stronger than a three letter word.

You are stronger than a three letter word. It’s just a word. And frankly, there are much worse things to be called.

I know I have moments when I feel fat, but do I believe that I am actually fat? No.

And at the end of the day, he knew nothing about my life. His words hold no meaning for me because I have no respect for him. I don’t even know him, and I am glad for that.

When someone random is trying to be mean to you, just do what you need to do. If that means you put him in his place like I did, then go for it. If you would rather just ignore them, by all means. But  don’t even waste your time and energy thinking about it again. Its an empty insult and you’re worth more than that, seriously.

Has anyone ever tried to put you in your place at a bar? How did you deal with it? How do you respond when someone insults you? What is your stance on using fat as an insult? Let’s discuss!

Presents to Myself

I’ve decided that the best gift I could give myself for my birthday is… THE BEST BODY EVER. Well, technically, my best body ever.

Because, let’s be honest, I could lead a huge debate on who has the best body ever.

The goal of my twenty-fifth year is to get into shape. Getting into shape for me does not mean getting skinny. Sure, I’d like if getting skinny was a consequence of being in shape. But, I just want to be physically fit. I want to be strong, I want to feel strong, and I want to be athletic.

Clearly, I’ve already started making moves to obtain this goal. Between training for the marathon and monitoring my diet, I feel like this is within my reach.

For an actual gift to myself, I signed up to do the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2013! Besides being ecstatic for the race, I am so stoked because it means a trip to Disney World!! Traveling, competing, and Disney — what more could I ask for? Also, princess theme? Totally there. Can’t wait to put on a tutu and a tiara and just enjoy myself with this race.

The best part with all these races is that it is forcing me to continually exercise which in turn is going to help me achieve my goal. And I am totally pumped.

Do you make birthday goals? Have you done a race at Disney? How was it? Have you reached your “best body ever”? What kinds of exercises did you do to help you get there? Lets discuss!! 



Not a Kitchen Nightmare (Really!)

Before I got married, the only thing I did in the kitchen was bake. Seriously, my baking skills are top notch. You want super moist chocolate chip cookies and cookies n cream cupcakes that make your heart melt? Call on me, I’m your girl.

Actually, I take that first sentence back, I also doctored up boxed macaroni and cheese (add a can of tuna and a can of peas! It will change your life!)

Let’s be real, I wasn’t in the kitchen baking everyday. I saved my skills for special occasions, holidays and birthdays, and sometimes I did it just for fun. Baking takes time and I had a habit of just enjoying a few too many cookies at once. As well as eating too much raw dough*.

My meals came two ways: dining out (FREQUENTLY) or Mom (both bio and in-law).  The amount of money I’ve spent on just feeding myself delicious food from various places is disgusting (yet delish!) (ie food trucks). The amount of meals my mother and mother-in-law have provided for me since I graduated from college three years ago is slightly ridiculous. Being alone in the kitchen, having to cook something that tasted good/decent was a terrifying thought. Seriously. I can tell you all the best places to eat for lunch and dinner on a budget in or around DC, but I can’t tell you how to cook something from a bunch of ingredients from beginning to end.

Until I returned from my honeymoon. Reality sunk in. Chris and I could not afford to eat out all the time and I don’t think either of our parents wanted us to join them for dinner every night. Also, with training for the marathon, I want to eat healthier so I can feel better as I train. The food situation had to change for us. Essentially, I’ve had to put my money where my mouth is in the kitchen. Slowly, I am teaching myself how to cook… well, wikihow and Google answer my basic questions “how long do you bake fish in the oven and at what temperature?”, “what exactly is lemon zest?”, “can you cook with two pans in the oven when the oven has two shelves?” and more like it.

This is definitely (and will continue to be) an adventure. Shockingly enough, I am finding that the food I cook is actually really tasty (I’m biased). While my meals are pretty basic, we all take baby steps, right?

Here is a small example of what’s going on in my kitchen this past  month:

From left to right: chicken and veggie pesto pasta, hot ham & cheese with watermelon, chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries, and breaded salmon with roasted veggies and cheesy red potatoes.

Seriously not ashamed that dinosaur chicken nuggets are a staple in my freezer for nights I don’t feel like cooking. Some people have frozen pizza on the standby, I have nuggets.

I can’t say that I am in-love with cooking yet, but we are on our way to being friends. I do like the sense of power it gives me. It’s like this domestic goddess gene is slowly waking up in me and wants to be the hottest chick ever. Yeah, I can bake… but now I can cook. Double threat.

Also, its nice to know that if we want to have people over for dinner sometime, I can make them something they’ll enjoy and not just politely eat. Success!

What is your favorite meal to cook? Any tips for a beginner? Did getting married change the way you eat? How did your eating habits change as you trained for an exercise event? Let’s discuss! Recipes are welcome! 

*Don’t eat raw dough! Its bad for you! You can get sick and that would be terrible.