DIY: Lace Mason Jars

Oh yes. I went there.

Remember when I said I am not a DIY goddess? Seriously, I’m not, but these days I feel like its slowly changing. I’m slowly learning my way around the craft stores, determining what works and what doesn’t. I seem to have a major issue… I LOVE E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Chris has said that I am no longer allowed to craft shop by myself because I just come home with all these ideas and ahh.

However, this DIY project was inspired by a couple of pictures I saw on Pinterest.

Seriously, aren’t these just gorgeous and so sweet? Yup!

So, I decided to take both and tweak it to my liking and DIY skill level.

Easy Peasy Lace Mason Jar Tutorial:

What you will need: scissors, double sided tape, pint sized mason jars, and lace.

I used Wrights trim – 4″ Flat Pretty Lace in White from Joann Fabrics.

PS – I know its black… but they didn’t have any in white available online.

Anyway, I bought three yards which was enough to cover 10 pint sized mason jars.

How To Get It Done:

  1. Attach piece of double sided tape vertically to the end of the lace. This will make it easier to apply to the jar. Apply to jar on one of the smooth corners. Not all mason jars are created equal. Kerrs has a lot of smooth space, Ball do not.
  2. Wrap lace around jar to determine how much is needed and then cut the lace.
  3. Apply another piece of double sided tape and stick to jar.
  4. Voila. A masterpiece.

Seriously. It’s that easy. Total time for this was 20 minutes. Once I had one of the pieces of lace measured out correctly, I just used it to cut the other pieces. Total time saver.


Gorgeous and simple. Just plop a candle in there, light it, and prepare to have your guests be amazed.

You better believe you will be seeing these babies in my centerpieces.



Centerpiece LOVE

I love the internet. Really, I absolutely love it. Especially social media. Seriously, where would the world be today if not for social media? We would probably have to resort to making friends the old fashion way… you know, in person. And we would be lost in the wedding planning world. I don’t know if any of you know this, but there is a plethora of stuff out there. At times, I get pretty overwhelmed, but then I remember that I have my BFF social media and she offers me all the answers.

For instance, Pinterest. Let me count the ways that I love you. Who doesn’t love to look at pretty pictures all day long? I know I could!

Pinterest has brought my wedding inspiration love to an entirely unhealthy new level. I actually have to limit how much time I spend on there or else I end up wasting the entire day. The site allows you to pull the prettiness from the internet and ‘pin-it’ to a board you’ve set up. You can have. Your friends can see them and you can repin and like what other people do and vice versa. Seriously, its fantastic.

I have been using my Pinterest for quite some time and I’ve only recently begun to realize that I should probably make an inspiration board for my centerpiece decor. This is the area that I have the most creative freedom in, so I want it to look perfect. I also would like it to be a representation of my relationship.

All of these photos are on my Pinterest, but they just look nicer all put together. If you haven’t made an inspiration board, I recommend doing so because it will allow you to see how your ideas flow together. In addition, it lets you see the similarities in the things you like and if there are any recurring themes/ideas. In my case, I seem to gravitate toward mason jars and hearts.

I cannot wait to make more.

Special thanks to WeddingWire for providing such a user friendly inspiration board generator.