Cross Training Like A Boss!

I’ve been a busy busy girl this past week. Thank goodness because I definitely needed a boost in endorphins from not being able to exercise for the past few weeks.

By Monday, I began to get nauseous. Two weeks of no exercise made me an unhappy camper and my body was not pleased. I’m not sure if the nausea was brought on due to stress or lack of movement. All I know is that after I exercised on Tuesday, the nausea disappeared. Hallelujah!

Tuesday evening I took it slow. Like slower than slow. Forty-five minutes on the elliptical at a thirteen minute pace per mile. It felt good to be moving, but I was being cautious. I could not imagine finally being able to move again only to overdo it and be out of commission even longer.

Wednesday night, I hit the elliptical again. This time for thirty minutes, but higher intensity and resistance. My knee didn’t bother me at all, not even a teensy bit. After the elliptical, I went over to a muscle mix class to get some strength training in.

It was good to be back!

I didn’t work out on Thursday due to a social event. Though, I broke my personal rule of “no exercise Fridays” due to the missed workout. Friday evening I spent an hour on the elliptical going as hard and has fast as I could for an hour. My pace matched my running speed. A lovely workout to kickstart the weekends festivities.

On Saturday, Chris and I went into DC. We walked somewhere between four to six miles all over the city. More on that later.

Sunday morning I went to two gym classes: Body Step and Body Pump. I used to go to Step all the time before I started running. The up and down motions of the step had me concerned about my knee but luckily, no problems! Doing Pump after Step is not always the smartest decision. My lower body was so fatigued from Step, but I pushed through the workout. The only issue I had occurred during the lunge track. My left knee was done and it hurt. I spent the song stretching out my leg.

Monday I went to Spin class. It has been a hot second since I went to spin. I always forget how much I like spin until I’m sitting the class increasing my resistance.

Tonight I did a Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD and it kicked my butt.

This week has been consistent and I love it. It is so amazing to be back in the gym.

I am only slightly (okay, majorly) upset that I haven’t been able to get outside as much. I feel like if I go outside I will be too tempted to run. And that would be no good. Unfortunately (for me), the weather has been ridiculously beautiful this week. It’s not fair. I spent all summer training in the humidity and the heat to be cheated out of the beautiful Fall weather. But I’m trying not to focus on that. Cross training will make me a stronger runner… just in time for Winter.

How did your workouts go this week?

Did you try anything new? How’d it go?

Did you eat anything particularly yummy over the week? Share the recipe!


The No Exercise Blues + Cross Training Plan

Hello, my name is Sarah and I haven’t exercised in almost two weeks (minus the half marathon). These past two weeks I’ve allowed myself to indulge in delicious Mexican food, alcohol, hamburgers, and cupcakes. I haven’t felt my heart rate rise above 150 beats per minute in close to three weeks. Instead, I’ve casually strolled to the candy jar taking a mini-size Hershey bar and scarfing it down like I’ll never have another piece of chocolate again in my life. But who are we kidding, three hours later, I return to enjoy another. When I finally start to feel myself crash around 3pm, I’ll have a diet soda to try to keep me awake. I look at my running shoes and wince a little knowing that I can’t stop won’t stop until my feet are healed and the damage I’ll be working off may hurt more than the blisters.

Needless to say, I’ve kind of been eating my feelings.

I am MISERABLE without exercise. I miss the sweat in my eyes that speed work brings. I miss waving to the other runners and smiling at dogs. I miss adjusting my running belt. I miss miss miss running. And I miss sweating. And I miss Chris telling me that I am a “stinky baby” when he comes to pick me up from wherever I am. I miss working out with friends and laughing at ourselves in classes.


The good news is that this little pity party can end on Monday.

Monday I start cross training for the next two (or more) weeks. Only cross training. As part of my way to train smarter with ITBS, I need to incorporate more of this into my life instead of just going outside and running every chance I could for marathon training. Cross training has been my weakest part of training thus far because as soon I started to realize I was getting better at running I wanted to be THE BEST (for me!) at running. So now, I have to take a step back and focus on all of the exercises I liked to do before I decided to sign up for a marathon.

The plan?

Monday: Elliptical and Mat Pilates
Tuesday: Spin and Body Pump
Wednesday: Elliptical
Thursday: Body Pump and Yoga
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Long walk
Sunday: Rest

Each of those is also included a before and after series of ITB stretches. Then, depending on how my knee feels, I will incorporate running again. I don’t expect to be back up to 12 miles, but I don’t expect to be back at barely being able to run one mile.

Baby steps. I need my knee to recover properly or this is only going to become a larger issue. Though I am anxious to get back to running I am trying to remain realistic about the stress of this injury. Even when I do start running again, I have to take more walking breaks. It’s imperative if I want to continue pushing for distance.

Tell me about your workouts this week. Did you workout with a friend or go solo? What is your favorite method of cross training? Let’s discuss!