How I Got On Stage for GIRL TALK

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Jennifer, Lee Anne, and I traveled to Charlottesville last night to see Girl Talk perform. This is the third time Jennifer and I have seen him perform this year; this was Lee Anne’s first time.

We began the evening by heading over to one of Jennifer’s favorite restaurants – Mellow Mushroom. Mellow Mushroom has a location in the Adam’s Morgan area of DC, but it was exciting to see that they have a location in Charlottesville. Unfortunately, in order to get to the restaurant we had to drive through the University of Virginia’s campus … I scoffed and was not too happy of a camper (Let’s go Hokies!!)

After a delicious meal we headed over to the venue.

The opening act, G-Sides was already well into his set when we got there. From what I saw, he engaged well with the crowd and worked the stage really well. I’m not sure Charlottesville provided the best crowd for him to perform in front of, but he stuck it out and gave it his all.

During G-Sides’ set, I immediately began to scope out the venue. Jennifer told me while we were in Pittsburgh that Girl Talk allows people on stage. As soon as she told me this, I made it my mission to get us on stage the next time we saw him, wherever it was.

I noticed two men with large video cameras so I struck up a conversation asking them if they knew anything about getting on stage during the set. They were polite but didn’t provide major leads.

Then, I saw them.

Three girls waiting by an opening in the gate. I knew that they knew something I didn’t know. I began to watch (read stare) until I decided I needed to go over and ask. They had the same idea that I had — out of all the places in the venue, this appeared to be the one most likely to get us on stage. If it wasn’t, we still had an excellent area to view the show.

Ten minutes later, it happened. A crew member came over and asked the question I so longed to hear, “want to get on stage?”


Commence geeking out.

We waited anxiously backstage for Girl Talk to begin his set. The crowd was young (born in the mid-late 90s) and I felt old but I didn’t care. I was about to be on stage with one of my favorite performers.

Play Your Part (pt. 1) began to play and we were given the okay to run on stage. Jennifer, Lee Anne, and I danced for the next two hours.

I don’t think I’ve ever jumped up and down that much in my life. I had the goofiest smile on my face the entire time and I really probably could’ve started crying at any moment. I was SO EXCITED!!

One rule about being on stage — no pictures. You are part of the act, you’re supposed to get the crowd hyped up, be energetic and fun. Needless to say I began to get a little upset when I noticed a bunch of girls taking eight thousand pictures of themselves in the same pose (hold the camera arms length away from face and snap pic. repeat seven thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine times). Luckily, one of the crew members noticed this and threatened to escort them off so they stopped.

However, during the close of the show everyone pulled out their phone and started snapping pics. I am guilty of taking seven pictures.

I enjoyed every single second of dancing on stage. No beers were spilled on me, no one stepped on my toes, I got to enjoy the show. And I was with two of my very best friends! It was glorious.

With the exception of seeing Paul McCartney, this was my favorite concert moment. Seriously. I cannot truly describe how special this was and how unforgettable it will be. To be a super cheeseball — I will remember it forever.

When I woke up this morning, I felt hungover. I had one drink last night, before dinner. The endorphins and the energy drained everything out of me. Or as Lee Anne put it, “I was drunk on happiness.” Totally the truth.


What is the coolest thing you’ve ever done at a concert? 

Who is your favorite person/band to see live? 


Race: Let Freedom Run 5K

Yesterday I ran my FIRST race!

Honestly, I never imagined myself being able to accomplish this goal. I’ve discussed how I am not a runner before, but from doing this one race I am starting to think that maybe I could be.

If I try.

And trying is what I am doing. From Fartleks to long runs and changing my eating habits, I really think that I am on my way to making this a thing for me. Like a hobby. And I kind of think I am beginning to enjoy training because I look forward to it most days. Weird, I know.

To prepare for Wednesday morning, I spent Tuesday evening relaxing. I did absolutely nothing and it was wonderful. The only thing I did was switch up my training schedule for the week to accommodate the race. I didn’t feel any pre-race jitters or have any issues sleeping. I actually had trouble getting myself out of bed in the morning because I can sleep forever. So once I finally woke up, I ate some cheerios and walked over to the race area.

Kristen ran the race with me. There was cloud cover and a slight breeze until fifteen minutes before the start at 9am. The sun came out, the clouds cleared, and the temperature rose significantly. We were sweating at the starting line. My goal for this race was to be under 39 minutes. I figured, first time up plus the heat that this was a do-able. Luckily, I knew the course pretty well and anticipated each of the hills. In order to not tire out, we opted to power walk the uphills. I think this was the best decision we made the entire race. We sprinted like our lives depended on it toward the finish line and clocked in at 38:35. WE DID IT! I had reached my time-based goal for my first race!!

Some photos:

Capitol Running Company put on a great event. This is a relatively new race (I think this was its second) and it had over a thousand participants. Each runner was given a free popsicle upon completion as well as a patriotic shirt. The course was clearly marked and the volunteers were encouraging as we slowly ran by them.

Running across that finish line with the crowd cheering in addition to the support of Kristen, my in-laws, and Chris was so exhilarating. I left the race with what I can only assume is a runner’s high. And I totally can’t wait to do my next one!

Seriously important to note: With the atmosphere of the race, I didn’t even put my headphones in. I ran without music. Ridiculous. I don’t even know who I am right now.

Check out this sweet shirt — pretty happy its my first!

Have you ever done a 5k? If so, how was your first race? What has been your favorite race you’ve ever participated in? Any tips for running the heat? Let’s discuss!