The Adventures of Penny

Penelope already poses for the camera. I know it looks like she is disinterested, but don’t be fooled.

I was nervous that Penny would be a cautious and timid cat. Totally wrong. It took her 2.5 seconds to get adjusted to her new home and she has been hilarious to watch ever since.

Chris and I typically find her in the strangest places.

In Chris’ dresser drawer in the closet. Just hanging out.

In the bookcase. Lounging.

Sneaking into the sink. Caught!

Making dinner. Chef!

She also likes to sit on the trashcan and put her paws on the counter and watch. Today she decided to help.

Trapped behind the fridge. She jumped off the counter and landed on the ground before realizing there was no way for her to escape. I imagine this is what it feels like to have your baby get stuck in a well. Silly girl!

Checking in with her Facebook friends.

These are just the pictures from today! Seriously!  She also decided that she was going to take a dip into the toilet. And a lap around the water heater.

She is such a funny girl. We laugh so much while we watch her play and explore.

She also LOVES food. And begs like a dog.

I totally believe that I found the perfect fit for my little family.


Meet Penelope


Chris finally let me adopt a kitten. He isn’t much of a cat person so this is a HUGE deal.

Not much of a cat person, hmm?

I could not be happier.

Penny and I are already BFFs.


She likes playing with her toys, eating a lot, and cuddling. She hates running water, the noises the AC unit makes, and the sound of dogs barking.

Fortunately for her, I already love her so much that on her first night with us I skipped a run. She should feel special.

The Night of Unfortunateness

This story is best told through my Twitter updates with little interruption from me.

Since I had a hair appointment on Tuesday, I switched my speed work exercise to Wednesday. Seemed like it would be no big deal, my legs got an extra day of rest from the runs over the weekend and they were able to recover from Pilates on Monday.

Yeah, so I thought.

The time: 5:30pm

The location: Gym

The activity: Running … or so I thought.

These were sent all within twenty minutes of each other. The weather was so nice outside last night that I figured it would be worth it to at least try to move it outside. I knew at the end of the night, I would’ve exhausted all of my options.

Chris picked me up and we headed home. When we arrive, we have a package waiting for us from our photographer.

A canvas print of this photo.

I excitedly tear through the layers and layers of bubble wrap and packing tape.

Next thing I know —

Instant tears and quite a bit of bleeding later, I ask Chris if we can go see if we can find a track for me to do my run on. It is now around 8pm.

The first school we went to was having work done on their field so it was closed. The second was holding some sort of event for incoming middle schoolers. I was giving up. I was also having a slight panic attack about the fact that I wouldn’t be able to complete the night’s workout because absolutely nothing was going in my favor.

We’re driving. And we both saw it.

Running around the field for forty-five minutes with Chris actually ended up being a lot of fun. My legs weren’t hurting at this point. It felt great to be outside in the sunshine and my mood quickly changed.

I made it work. I did what I had to do. And now my training is back to its regularly scheduled programming. Thank goodness.

Do you ever have nights when you just want to give up on your workout but your motivation and commitment to get it done drive you to keep going? What has been your most interesting scenario?  Do you get discouraged when it doesnt work out according to plan? How do you deal with it? Let’s discuss!

Birthday Shenanigans

Chris baked me a cake and lit all the candles. On the 10ft walk over to me, they all blew out except one. Love it.

My actual birth date was filled with a lot of love and happiness.

Cupcakes, flowers, and a new running toy? Consider this girl elated!

To celebrate my twenty-fifth birthday further, I was whisked away to Atlantic City!!

Chris, Jenny, and Kristen conspired together to surprise me with a fun-filled weekend of gambling, comedy shows, and alcohol.

We went and saw Aziz Ansari. If you haven’t heard of him or checked out any of his stuff, you are missing out. I definitely peed my pants a little from laughing so hard during his set.

Chris managed to snag us tickets about six rows from the stage. Definitely no complaints there. [I apologize for shitty iPhone quality photo, but its just for proof.]

We prepared for the show accordingly.

Following the show we went out into the casino and tried our luck at various table games and slots. Personally, I am a fan of roulette. Picking the numbers is fun for me and there isn’t really much skill involved unless you can do probability based math.

Embarrassing Sidenote on Gambling: On Saturday night during my first time ever playing Craps, I hit someone in the face with dice. No joke. My hand was shaking so bad and I lost all control of my arm with adrenaline because I was so focused on trying to hit the back wall … instead I threw the dice up, not down like a normal person would and BAM! I hit some poor innocent player square in the face. Thus ending my future career in Craps dice rolling. Also, I could’ve probably slowed down on the drinking to avoid the future jokes made on my behalf about this situation, but such is life.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing a little shopping, eating, consuming more alcohol, and more gambling.

Being the smartypants I am, I took Monday off to recover. For my own celebration, I treated myself to seeing the Katy Perry movie which I shamefully admit to crying at, doing a speed work exercise, and grocery shopping. A nice change of pace from the last couple of weeks.

This birthday was a lot of fun and I could not be more thankful for the people involved in making it such a fabulous occasion. Seriously, all the love shared on the day and then the weekend with the fun and ahhhh. Getting a little too sentimental and emotional here, but whatevs, I have great people in my life.

What has been your favorite birthday? Why? Have your friends and your spouse ever worked together to plan a surprise for you – party, trip, etc? Let’s discuss!