Goodbye Fat Pants!

You know the ones I am talking about. The bigger pair that sits in the back of the closet in case you’re feeling a little bloated or just want some extra wiggle room. The pants you keep around in case you go out of town and let vacation get the best of you. Those pants.

Well, yesterday morning as I was getting dressed for work I looked through my closet. I’ve been feeling unhappy with my clothes for various reasons lately, but I think its just because I need to go shopping. (Really, you can only wear the same outfit so many times before it gets old.) I picked through my stuff, glancing over my typical fat pants and went for the pants that once upon a time ago fit. The pants I haven’t been able to wear for six months because of wedding stress followed by newlywed bliss coupled with a lack of regular exercise made me gain a few pounds.

I picked them up and looked at them.

It was going to be close. Like I could put them on, but I couldn’t button them. Then I considered laying on the bed to put them on because that works with just about anything (especially when you ignore the accompanying muffin top). If I sucked in would it make them fit better? Would I have to suck in all day?

No, I would not have to suck in all day. Because when I put them on the button clasped without force and I was able to exhale freely.


This feeling, this blissful feeling, is something I don’t want to lose. My next goal is to fit into the next size down from where I am now. To be completely honest, I’ve never been the next size down from where I am now. And that is slightly intimidating.

Though, for once in my life I feel like I am actually in the right frame of mind to reach that goal. My eating habits are getting a makeover. Training is coming along despite injury. And I finally understand that to change my body it is going to take time and dedication.

Quick Fitness Recap: The last week (and so far this week!) has been spectacular on the exercise front. To keep my mileage up for training I’ve started taking really long walks. My hope is that when I am able to run again it won’t be a huge shock to my system again. Also, if I am able to get faster in my walking then hopefully my running speed will improve as well. For example, on Saturday (my usual long run day) I went for an 8.25 mile walk. It took a little over two hours to complete but no complaints and no blisters. I took the day off on Sunday. Monday I did a quick 3.5 mile workout on the elliptical followed by my favorite pump class. Tuesday I went to yoga. And yoga is becoming a thing for me because it feels great.

Tell me about your workouts last week and this week. Are you shaking things up a bit? 


The Girl with the Fruit Issue


So, I really am not a fruit person. My husband can attest to this. For the majority of my life the only fruits I would eat were granny smith apples, watermelon without seeds, oranges, cantaloupe and green grapes. Nowadays I swap the granny smith for honeycrisp because they’ve become too tart for me. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this before but just to reiterate — I’d rather eat a vegetable than a fruit.

Right now I am questioning if I can still use the identifier “fruit hater”.

Why? Because as part of my breakfast this morning, I willingly enjoyed a white nectarine (as pictured above). When I put some in the cart at the grocery store, my husband gave me a puzzled look and I just turned to him and said “I like white nectarines now.” His shock and awe followed with this response “so, I’ve converted you!”

I’m pretty sure that while my fruit choices may be limited, I definitely no longer reserve the right to turn my nose up at them.

What is your favorite fruit? Why? If you had to choose between fruits and veggies which would you choose? Let’s discuss!

Food Love: Kitchen Successes


Not to toot my own horn or anything, but the meals I’ve been making lately have been out of this world. I’m talking DEE-LISH-US.

From looking at the photos above you’ve probably already noticed that I like two main ingredients — cheese and vegetables. And to be perfectly honest, I really love cheese and vegetables. So much. The creaminess of melted cheese and the added flavor and mmm mouth watering over here. Vegetables, I could sing their praises every day. Raw, sauteed, roasted, steamed, frozen, canned, whatever – give them to me in any form and I will eat them happily. Before I started to explore the kitchen, I used to just eat like four or five servings of vegetables for dinner because I love them so much. My husband doesn’t always agree with my love of veggies but he just picks them out and puts them on my plate. More for me!

You many have also noticed that I like my meals to resemble side dishes rather than main courses. I’ve never gravitated toward the turkey, or the ham, or whatever for holidays. I always have wanted to know what else was being served with it. In college, my lunch everyday was a combination of three side dishes; usually mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and vegetables. Honestly, after typing that, I think I need to explore the world of casseroles more because they just popped into my mind as to being a giant side dish. Favorite casserole of all time — green bean casserole. Get in my mouth. But, seriously, it’s hard for me to get excited about adding meat to my meals maybe casseroles will help me get there without it feeling like a main dish.

Back to the meals featured above. A couple of times a week, I’ve been trying my hand in the kitchen. Usually on nights when I have a shorter workout planned and I always make enough to take for lunch the next day or for leftovers another night.

Top Left Corner: “Skinny” Baked Macaroni and Cheese
I saw this meal on Pinterest a few weeks ago and I knew I just had to have it. Please refer to my earlier tangent about my love of cheese and vegetables. This combined both. Broccoli and macaroni? Sign me up! This was also an incredibly easy meal to make. Combine broccoli and macaroni in pan with water. Cook macaroni to al dente (look at me… so fancy). In separate pan, make the cheese sauce by combining all the other ingredients. Put both in a casserole dish and let it bake. Boom then serve.

Top Right Corner: Crispy Cheddar Chicken and a Salad
So so so so easy to make. And delectable. I was licking my plate clean by the time I finished this one. Holy cow. Expect a future recipe post for this dinner because it is sure to please.

Lower Left Corner: Brown Rice with Veggies and Creamy Cheesy Sauce
Chris was not a fan of this dinner but he was polite enough to eat it. Me, on the other hand, loved it. We have a rice maker so I didn’t have to stress about actually cooking the rice so I just sauteed the veggies and I used a lot of veggies – orange, yellow, and red pepper plus mushrooms, broccoli, and zucchini. This also reheated really well. So a definite plus in my book.

Lower Right Corner: Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast with Cheesy Zucchini Rice and Roasted Asparagus
Clearly a theme that night for me. Cheese cheese and more cheese. This was my first time making stuffed chicken breast and it was so EASY. I’m still dreaming of these, so looks like I am going to have to make them again. The zucchini rice didn’t turn out as I had hoped. I think its because I don’t exactly follow a recipe measurement for measurement and that was one that should’ve been.

So, these are the goings on in my kitchen as of late. Do you want to come over for dinner? I’d be happy to make you whatever you like.

Trading Up: Eating Habits

Coming into week three of training, I’ve begun to realize that I really need to consider what I eat.

Everyone talks about fueling their body and eating the right things in order to obtain their goals whether they are weight based or training based. I officially am aiming for both. From the realization last week that I have gained unwanted weight it is silly for me to continue to eat the way I have been and think that I can progress in my training.

I have a sweet tooth in the worst way. Chocolate, candy, ice cream!? Get in my mouth. Please. At work, I have these delicious temptations just begging me to take a bite.

I wish I could say there were only those that you see, but honestly there are two more. Five bowls of endless possibilities. But, again, I’ve realized I can’t treat myself to one piece (it was never just one!) or seven pieces per day just because I am so awesome. So, I’ve stopped. If I want a piece of candy, I have a mini size piece of dark chocolate. Usually after lunch to squash the craving and I enjoy it while I eat it.

If I want something sweet, I am eating fruit. Unfortunately for me, I am particularly picky about the fruits I eat. Typically, I only eat watermelon, cantaloupe, green grapes (never red), honey crisp apples, and oranges. Never will I ever eat a banana (too mushy and overpowering) or a blueberry (ick!) or red delicious apple (seriously? I’ve never seen anyone eat one). I didn’t even like strawberry until I went on my honeymoon. Even now when I eat them it is like a baby sampling food for the first time. Unsure of the texture, the seeds, and really trying to decide if I actually like it.

Vegetables, on the other hand, I have zero reservation about. If its green, I’ll eat it. No questions asked.

Now I am trading in  my love for candy and going for something more healthy.

The result? I feel better at the end of the day. I feel better around 3pm when I usually crash. When I exercise in the evenings, I don’t feel as sluggish/drained. No complaints about that.

This new-ish frame of mind is helping me in the kitchen as well. I am learning to cook foods that are healthy, packed with vitamins and nutrients and just better in the long run (pun totally intended).

It’s not like I am evening making too crazy of changes, swap out unnecessary amounts of candy and other junk for daily recommended amounts of fruit and veggies. There is no deprivation here either, instead of ice cream in the evenings, I have a scoop of frozen yogurt.

Here’s to hoping small changes yield great results.

When you started training, did you come to this same conclusion? What did you do to change? How are you changing your diet to accommodate your training? Any tips or suggestions? Any mindtricks to get me to like more fruits? Let’s discuss!