Welcome! Greetings! Salutations! Hello!

There are an awfully large amount of ways to say hello and welcome to my blog. I cannot even begin to fathom the many different variations that the first title could entail.

So, I will keep it short and to the point — hello and welcome.

I am a twenty-something in the midst of planning a wedding and currently transitioning between jobs. Like so many others, my life is filled with uncertainty and right now, I am actually digging it. As a habitual planner, it is oddly liberating to not know what my next move is. So, I’m learning not to stress out too badly over the things out of my control and to really just slow down and enjoy what I am able to do right now.

I am passionate about social media. My past usage has included livejournal, teen open diary, xanga, deadjournal, greatestjournal, blogspot and myspace. Clearly, I’ve had a fascination and desire to blog about my life since the age of thirteen. No, seriously, I was in eighth grade when I started my LJ. Currently, I use wordpress, tumblr, pinterest, facebook, and twitter. Thanks to my iPhone I am able to access all of these with ease.

I suppose I should mention that I don’t take myself too seriously. Laughter is constant in my life and through that I am able to keep a (mostly!) positive attitude.

Also, expect this blog to undertake a range of topics while also documenting my final year before becoming a quarter of a century old. Topics currently racing through my mind are wedding planning, film reviews, random internet funniness, moving in with my future husband, DIY projects, and fitness. I have been known to be completely random, but doesn’t that keep things interesting?

Lots of love. Let’s get this started.